Adria Mobil partner of the international sustainable project CEPLAFIB

In July 2018, Adria Mobil actively joined a three-year European sustainability project aimed at transforming waste plastics and newspapers into new high-tech products for the automotive, packaging and construction industries. Members of Adria's project team are actively involved in all phases of the project with a key goal of increasing the percentage of recycling plastic waste by 40% and at the same time reduce greenhouse gas emissions by the same amount. The project is partly co-financed by the European Commission of the LIFE program and involves six partners from four European countries, namely: TECOS Technology Center and Adria Mobil and Omaplast from Slovenia, Aitiip Center from Spain, Ecopulp from Finland and ITB institute from Poland.

So far, all phases of the project have been successfully completed and as a result a demonstration prototype has been made - in the case of Adria Mobil distance holders that will be used on the double floor of new motorhomes and will replace classic plastic distance holders. With the realization of this project Adria Mobil is successfully pursuing the goal of reducing the environmental impact and introducing sustainable approaches and solutions in the development of recreational vehicles. The new recycled distance holders will be used in serial production after testing and the completion of the project in 2021.